Some companies have a hard time naming their business, but with the help of our moms, Miniature Memories was the most natural name for our store. So thanks Moms (Millie and Harriett) for being our inspiration. This store and our story are dedicated to you.  Please enjoy OUR STORY…ABOUT US

     I began miniatures at an early age with my mom who introduced me into the hobby, we spent many hours planning and playing with the dollhouse we built. My first house was a Greenleaf. After many joyous hours with my mom and my new hobby, I got pregnant and of course I had boys…so my time with mini’s was put on hold. I so wish I had that time back, those were some of the best times I ever remember with my mom.  

     Well time went by and my then husband and I decided it was time to move on.  My mistake was I left my house there hoping to pick it up one day…

     A few years later, I met the man of my dreams, Bob Hinske. He was everything I knew I wanted and needed.  We met January 4, 1997 and we were married April 19, 1997. Yes only 4 short months and we happily married. Bob asked me what I wanted for a wedding present, and I thought long and hard about it, I had purchased a manufactured home after my divorce so I said, “I would like a little house”. Bob, being a man of his word did just that, bought me my “little” house. Yes, you guessed it, a dollhouse. At last, I have been reunited with one of the joys of my life.  Filled with excitement and energy we started out on my “new” house.     

     I started doing miniatures a little differently then most, I entered myself in craft shows where I was known as the original bag lady. I made different scenes inside paper themed bags. It was quite a profitable business venture but I felt that I was missing something.

     During this time I also found out that Bob’s mother was a miniaturist in her own right, she lived in Phoenix, AZ and often spoke of her experiences shopping for just the right miniature for her mini mansion. This idea intrigued me, a dollhouse shop. But Tucson had a shop and had they just closed, was Tucson not supportive of miniatures?  So I went to the source, and spoke to Dottie Eagley who gave me words of advice and her blessing. Still I wasn’t sure.

     My husband and I regularly attend Rapport Leadership Classes in Las Vegas and at our final class our instructor asked me what I wanted to do with my life. My answer was simple, I want to own my own store and be my own boss. Her answer was, “Well, what are you waiting for?”

     I came home that Monday signed up for MAC, Micro Business Advancement Center for small, women owned businesses. I learned how to complete a business plan, target market and so many things that have made my business the success that it is today.

I must thank my husband Bob for being so supportive of my venture and how he always pitches in to help when needed.